Why Google’s First Page Is So Lucrative For SEO Purposes

-There are billions of searches made on the internet every day. Google is the most commonly-used search engine, having a market share of 84.14%. Bing and Yahoo have a corresponding 4.42% and & .57% respectively. Including search results on smartphones and tablets brings Google’s market share up to 89.9%. The search volume for Google in many first world countries is as high as 90%.

In this context, it is essential for businesses to have a Google profile. It is also vital for them to have a high ranking to avoid losing customers to competitors.

Google’s first page for search results (SERP) is the most outstanding. Research has demonstrated that more than 90% of individuals only look at the first page of Google. The primary ten slots on this first page are the most coveted, given the fact that they get 94% of all clicks. This means in real terms that being on a second page makes it very unlikely that your link will be found. If your site is not easily accessible and is placed farther on than the second page, it might as well not exist at all.

First Page of Google

There is a lot of rivalry to rank on the first page of Google and involves competition against your rivals with ads from AdWords and organic placement. The first position on the page is the best one to have as it gets a third of all clicks. The second place links get half as many clicks without mentioning clicks on pages farther down the list. The number one spot is worth aiming for because it dramatically increases your site traffic which will increase conversions as a result of this.

A Google search is useful when it is undertaken by motivated users who have an interest in a particular subject while they are involved in a search.

As well as organic search results, there is also a paid option. This is Google AdWords. About a quarter of all clicks are done on Adwords ads. Paid advertising is not as dependable as organic searches, but it is an excellent option for companies that cannot manage to rank highly enough in organic searches.

Receiving Information

This heat map shows us that as well as the first place, sites in second and third place also have a high influence. First-page position clicks can be summarised as follows:

  • Result 1 100% Result 6 50%
  • Result 2 100% Result 7 50%
  • Result 3 100% Result 8 30%
  • Result 4 85% Result 9 30%
  • Result 5 60% Result 10 20%

SEM-Search Engine Marketing

Reaching the first page of Google can be achieved using search engine marketing. This is based on search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, as well as paid advertising using Google Adwords. The primary purpose of SEM is to increase the site’s online visibility and make it easier to find in searches. PCC and SEO have similar objectives, and when using a combination of these methods in mutually supporting activities, gaps are filled that would exist when using one method on its own.

Optimisation of Websites

The consequences of SEO are better page ranking which optimises the organic place in the Google search engine. Many activities are included in SEO, and these are divided into two types, i.e.off-site and on-site techniques. The SEO activities are carried through the website using many methods. The purpose of this is to obtain an improved position in search engines as well as focussing on the most relevant keywords for the site and those that have a high volume of searches.

Keyword search is an essential element of SEO. Analysis of keywords is undertaken using a Keyword Tool available from Google. The inclusion of keywords in website copy and structure is necessary- headings of websites, headings of landing pages, metadata, links, titles, etc. The Google algorithm is always in a state of change, and it is imperative to use good optimisation manners to avoid your website being banned from indexing if the violation is detected.


The foundation of the Adwords system is paid advertising and keywords that are not easy to rank on the first page of Google. In this instance, it is possible to pay for the first position. The ad placement is very good because the ad results are situated with the organic ones on the bottom of the page or sometimes on the right-hand side of the page. The ads come up when a search is made that is related to particular ads.

The worst thing you can do is to underestimate the power of Adwords. Ads on Google are simple to implement and control which is the reason that many newbies waste a lot of money while the keyword prices increase. The price of an ad is dependent on the account quality and competition. When an Adwords user who doesn’t know what he is doing, tries to compete with more experienced users, he is likely to lose money if he doesn’t know how to decrease cost per click. Managers who are professional with Adwords have an advantage because they can offer better positions for lower click prices.


Many new visitors and conversion increases can be achieved on the first page of Google. Optimising your website is a form of advertising for free because there is no charge from Google for coming up with search results. There is considerable financial and time commitment to using SEO.

In this context, Adwords is an excellent option because SEO work is a long-term method which may not yield results until many months later. PPC and SEO work best in tandem as an overall SEM (search engine marketing) approach to increase the visibility of your website online.

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